Swim Event Safety Award (SESA)

SESA, the Swim Event Safety Award, was launched by the BCU Lifeguards in May 2011.

The award is designed to provide paddler’s with the skills and knowledge required to be a pro-active part of any event water safety team, and aims to give candidates a real feeling of what it’s like to be an open water swimmer.

The award can be completed by any paddler aged 14 and above and in any craft, providing the candidate can demonstrate good control of the boat. The only other pre-requisite is a minimum 4hr First Aid award.

The course syllabus can be found here:

pdf Swim Event Safety Award (SESA)

SESA Trainers
We are always on the look-out for new trainers of the SESA award and the document below outlines the pathway that prospective new trainers will need to follow to be able to deliver the SESA course.

pdf SESA Trainer & Tutor Pathways

SESA Courses
Courses are run on an as and when required basis. A list of SESA trainers throughout the UK will be available for you to search online soon, however, in the meantime we are collecting expressions of interest in SESA courses online here.

More Information
For more information about SESA, becoming a SESA Trainer or arranging a SESA course please feel free to email info@bculifeguards.org.uk