Safety Kayakers

Safety paddlers, either in kayak, on stand-up paddleboards or rescue boards make up the lion’s share of the safety cover resource at open water swimming, triathlon events and swim training sessions, as well as many other water-based activities and events where safety cover is required.

Are you a safety kayaker?

There is a large and ever increasing need for competent and willing paddlers to attend events as safety kayakers, otherwise they simply cannot be run safely. However, there is currently very little information available about what is required for you to act as a safety kayaker in relation to skills, competencies & qualifications required. The BCU Lifeguards have looked to try and address this with the introduction in 2011 of the SESA (Swim Event Safety Award) course, which is widely recognised by governing bodies and event organisers and held by over 1,000 kayakers throughout the UK.BG GES 09 212

Swim Event Safety Award

Full details on SESA can be found on this page. Explaining what it’s all about and what’s covered within the course.

Affiliate your club

If your club regularly provides water safety cover then why not consider affiliating with us. Affiliation is free of charge so long as your club is already affiliated to British Canoeing and hopefully means we can better support you in your role when out providing safety cover. Click here to find out more about our club affiliation programme.

Guidance to clubs

The BCU Lifeguards have published guidance for clubs that provide safety cover to organised open water swimming events and activities. Details of which can be found here.

Organiser looking for safety kayakers?

If you’re an event organiser looking to get in contact with a team of safety kayakers your first port of call would be our online club locator to find your nearest BCU lifeguard unit or affiliated club, who may be able to assist you.

It’s important to note that generally BCU Lifeguards as a committee do not provide safety kayakers for events; we can however try and put you in contact with a club who should be able to help.