Paddlecraft Search Technician Award

Since 2017, British Canoeing Lifeguards have been working with a number of SAR organisations & teams to develop an award designed to provide search and rescue teams, utilising canoes, kayaks, SUPs and other paddlecraft, with a nationally recognised qualification covering the key skills and techniques to perform safe and effective search taskings on inland waterways.

The Paddlecraft Search Technician Award (PSTA) qualification, has been developed by a technical working group led by BC Lifeguards that has including trainers from existing operational canoe/kayak search teams.

In February 2020 the award completed it’s pilot phase, and subject to final ratification, will be launched shortly by BC Lifeguards.

BC Lifeguards will be able to share further details on roll-out plans in the coming weeks, and the published award syllabus.

At this stage, we are inviting teams and organisations that have an interested in accessing the award to get in contact with us, to express their interest. Please email canoelifeguards.admin@vol.britishcanoeing.org.uk with your contact details and we will keep you updated with any developments.